"We were looking at the artwork. We talk about it."

First graders at Bayside and Willow Creek have been making art about themselves. They were asked to think about who they are, both on the outside and the inside. These final works showcase a long process through many arts classes. From mixing skin colors to drawing what’s going on inside their brains, these young artists DEVELOPED CRAFT, OBSERVED, PERSISTED, and EXPRESSED themselves in many ways.

"This was hard. I was trying to make my skin color."

"I'm drawing a spiral, it's coming from my fingerprint."

Student Reflections

“I notice that Austin’s spiral has lots of zig-zags and bumps and in the blue dot there are lines.”
“I liked when we were looking in the mirrors and were drawing what we saw.”
“It was hard to do the face because it was round.”

“I like how this artist – she took her time because I see there’s designs and they’re really close together and she filled up the whole paper- and it keeps growing.”
“My favorite part was making the map of my brain.”
“I liked when we got to paint and mix colors together.”
“My art shows inside my body and when I drew my face and colored it [I was showing who I am.]”

“You can see a part of you and when you make pictures—they are you.”

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