Artists in Schools

Youth in Arts brings professional artists into the classroom through experiences in dance, music, theater and visual arts. With new availability and a diverse roster of artforms to choose from, we use a curated approach to bring impactful arts-based learning to your school to meet your students’ needs!

During typical in-person school offering, Youth in Arts offers three programming options and receive a complimentary 60-minute professional development or consultation in integrating visual or performing arts into your curriculum to increase student engagement and understanding.

Artists In Schools Residency

Curated arts learning experiences with a mentor artist in visual or performing arts for 8+ sessions.

Assemblies and Workshops

School-wide professional artist assemblies with accompanying interactive in-class workshops.

Professional Development

Arts integration and SEL training for TK-12th grade teachers, staff, and volunteers. Standards and approaches designed to meet all learners.

Youth in Arts provides a high quality, student-centered approach to arts learning in the classroom. Relying on frameworks in education such as culturally relevant pedagogy, social emotional learning and universal design.

Solutions for Hybrid and Virtual/Remote Learning

Youth in Arts continues to bring professional artists into the school day through our innovative digital platform the YIArts.COR. We can bring artists into the classroom via synchronous (live teaching via video conferencing) and asynchronous through our incredible platform. Find out more about our sequential and engaging approach to distance learning.

Walker Rezaian Creative HeArts Kindergarten Arts

Visual Arts Learning, Celebration and Friendship for Marin Kindergarteners and their Families

At Youth in Arts, our goal is to build creativity, confidence and compassion in all learners, and we do that with impactful and exciting projects like The Walker Rezaian Creative HeArts program. Designed as a visual arts residency for kindergarten and first grade students, it builds fine motor, literacy and social emotional skills while giving children the chance to explore a variety of tools and materials. More importantly, children learn how to make and keep friends when they explore ideas like sharing and empathy.

The program was created in 2013 by Youth in Arts and the Rezaian family to celebrate their son Walker’s life and his love for the arts. Walker also knew how to be a good friend. The Walker Rezaian Creative HeArts program builds important social emotional skills through innovative art lessons. Each class begins with a movement warmup and ends with reflection time so students can practice observing and discussing what they see: they learn how to show us and tell us more about themselves through their pictures.