World Dance at Hamilton Elementary

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Every Thursday for 8 weeks this Spring, you could find kindergarteners at Hamilton learning dances from India and West Africa. The students could tell you the names of the dances, where they come from, and what occasion they are danced for!
Some students really loved dancing Bhangra, a harvest dance from India, and would insist on practicing the dance every class. Other students preferred Kuku, a fishing dance from Guinea, West Africa.
The students also had a chance to create some of their own dance moves and taught Mentor Artist Joti Singh a move or two as well. In addition to dancing, these enthusiastic kindergartners learned a fun call-and-response song from Senegal, and each time we practiced it in class, the singing got louder and louder, as the students became more comfortable with the Wolof and French words.
I had a great time working with these students and feel proud knowing they’ve come away with some new skills and understanding of other cultures.
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