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Students in the Twilight After-school program have recently taken field-trips to the ICB Artist Studios across Bridgeway. These trips wouldn’t be possible without the coordination and help from Artist Aiko Morioka. To view Morioka’s work see her website: http://www.aikomorioka.com/A second grader learns how to weave in Emily Dvorin‘s studio.

The work of Deborah Bertola, which the second graders enjoyed.

Second graders in the studio of Katy Kuhn, where they got a chance to do some drawing and collage.
Fourth and fifth grade students learn how to weave with the help of Master Weaver, Alex Friedman.
Josh gets inspired by the work of Carol Jacobsen. In Carol’s studio students learned about the color wheel and participated in a color theory activity. To see more of Carol’s work see her website: http://www.caroljacobsen.com/.

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