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Student work from Youth in Arts’ VSA arts program and Twilight After School will be on display at the art exhibit “Exposure III” at the MYC (Marin Youth Center) at 1115 Third St in San Rafael, on December 4th at 6PM.
YIA Mentor Artist Marty Meade has been working with Jennifer Hammond’s Special Day Class in Mill Valley through our VSA arts program, creating colorful and original fused glass art.  Marty is a master of glass art, teaching the art form at the College of Marin and in schools throughout the area.  Marty enjoys bringing students a variety of materials, encouraging them to go beyond ‘the limits’.

Creating glass art through VSA arts

Creating glass art through VSA arts

Ms. Hammond has students with a range of abilities including Down Syndrome and Austism.  Youth in Arts provides subsidized funding so that students of all abilities have the opportunity to create and communicate through art.

“The students in my Special Day Class have fully enjoyed their experience this year with Youth in Arts. For the very first time they were given the experience of working with glass and creating one of a kind hand-made glass pieces. Simply watching the students open their packages with their finished work was awe-inspiring.   Their eyes lit up when they saw what beautiful art they had made. The day they received their necklaces every student wore theirs proudly throughout the day showing it off to anyone who would listen. I even went around to show other teachers what great pieces my class had made! What a great experience for these students! Pride and honor continue to be the best success for positive self esteem.”  Jennifer Hammond, SDC Teacher

Students were eager to show off their amazing artwork

Students were eager to show off their amazing artwork

Youth in Arts is collaborating with the Marin Youth Center (MYC) for their art exhibit “Exposure III” to take place on December 4th at 6:30PM.  One of Marty’s students, Rae, decided to share her piece for the art exhibit at the MYC.  Since Rae has Autism, she is usually hesitant to interact with new people, but after a few classes with Marty, she has fully engaged in the art experience.

“Rae’s story was very moving to me, as she isolated herself for the others and immersed her self into a book.   When I gave her the scratch art paper she accepted it immediately and began to draw faces that revealed her connection to the outside world….  she participated in the glass project the following week, and again drew on the paper.   On the day that she offered her piece to be hung, she had been crying and wanted to go home…. she calmed down when she joined us, and did another piece.
We weren’t expecting her to be enthusiastic about exhibiting her art-work, and were all happily surprised when she said yes.” Marty Meade, YIA Mentor Artist

If you would like to see Rae and other student work from our Youth in Arts programs, join us at the MYC, 1115 Third St in San Rafael, on December 4th at 6PM.

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