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3-D Recycled Robot

Draft of Robot Design

The students involved in the Twilight After school program art classes taught by Mentor Artist Ascha Drake are thinking like sculptors.  They are creating “BabyBots” which are baby robots.  The students began the project thinking about What is a Robot?  They then developed sketches, and thought about what the ideal companion or sidekick would be.  What characteristics do you look for in a friend?  What do you admire in someone?  Once finished, these babybots will be the ultimate companion.  After sketching, students worked with cardboard, boxes, tin foil, and masking tape to develop babybot forms that could balance and stand.  Once these armature forms are complete and they “pass the wiggle test,” students will cover the entirety with a “skin” of plaster gauze and then they will paint them.

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