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Middle School Teachers learn print making and graffiti techniques

Middle School Teachers express themselves in a Evan & Ascha's professional development workshop

Inside Evan Bissell’s Arts Room
Sixth Grade
At Martin Luther King Academy (MLK) in the 6th grade students have been creating powerful black and white photos about their “truths” that they are promoting in the world…they have made pictures on facing fears, hope, play and friendship.  Coming soon “publication” of the 6th grade Willow Creek Academy (WCA) comic book!

Seventh Grade
At WC in the 7th grade students have been learning about printmaking and looking at many different women artists in honor of women’s history month.  Students have also created a series of prints highlighting women’s rights and issues that we will be putting up around the WCA campus. MLK 7th graders will be working with photography and collage to create self-portraits that show “the many sides of me.”
Eight Grade
At MLK in the 8th grade we will finish our year with the first graduating class creating a collaborative piece for the new school, using our lettering techniques that we have been working on throughout the year. At MLK in the 8th grade we are finishing up a unit on photography where students have been creating photographs illustrating “Where I’m From” based on poems written in their English class.

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