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Students in Steven Maldonado’s Special Day Class at the College of Marin, held a gallery showing of the artwork they created in our VSA arts class under the mentorship of Roni Hoffman-Duncan.

Students create Mythical Creatures with recycled materials.

Each child created mono-prints, a personal treasure box and a 3-D recycled art animal. Students were so excited to share their work with their piers, teachers and parents!
YIA Mentor Artist Roni Hoffman-Duncan explores a variety of techniques with students, using recycled materials and paper maché. Each student creates a unique creature from their imagination.
In the creation of the treasure boxes, students brought items that were significant to them and created collages with pictures, found objects and magazine images. Each box is unique and represents the items, people and ideas that each student cherishes.
Youth in Arts Proudly subsidizes  the VSA arts classes, making high quality arts programming accessible to people of all abilities.

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