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As YIA Mentor Artist Hanna Dworkin pulls out her activity board, five young children

Students finding the magic penny.

eagerly gather with their teachers for singing time.  Hannah cheerfully begins to review the class agenda which includes a Good Morning Song, games and a song about Pepperoni Pizza.  Now, you might ask, “what do games and pepperoni pizza have to do with singing?”

YIA Mentor Artist Hannah Dworkin and student dancing "Fall Leaves"

Today, Hannah is working with students in a preschool setting who have a variety of developmental delays.  Hannah’s classroom activities are intended to teach musical skills while encouraging developmental growth in areas such as fine and gross motor skills, phonemic awareness, language acquisition and self esteem.
At Youth in Arts we believe that high quality arts education should be available to all people of all abilities.  We work hard to subsize this programming so that it is available to Special Day Classes in Marin County who could not afford it otherwise.  Every child deserves the opportunity to exlpore the world through a creative lense and express themselves in ways that are unique.
You can watch a short video of one of Hannah’s classes from Spring 2010, here.
for more information about bringing an artist to you Special Day Class, click here.

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