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Every collaboration helps you grow. ~ Brian Eno

The kindergarten and third grade classes at Bayside Elementary just finished a six week residency of visual arts classes with Visual Arts Specialist, Brooke Toczylowski. Students had art every day for 50 minutes. At the end of the session the two grade levels came together to share and learn from each other.

Questions were asked like: “How did you make that?” and “What inspired you?”
One artist asked another artist: “You did this by yourself?”

Together, the pairs collaborated to create a paper sculpture using precut white paper shapes.
At the end of the studio time, everyone gathered to REFLECT. Students were asked: What do you SEE? What do you THINK? What do you WONDER?

  • “Some parts look like water!”
  • “I transformed shapes by ripping them with my hands.”
  • “I notice a rainbow made out of a curved line!”
  • “I notice a curly line and a wall.”
  • “I think I see a cage.”
  • “I see lizard tongues. The artist used spiral lines.”
  • “I see a junk yard.”
  • “I wonder if those are stairs that lead to a secret place?”
  • “I wonder if those are magical rings flying?”

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