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Why Make Art?

” Making art is the desire to express the self, to record the reactions of our personalities to the world we live in.”

~Amy Lowell

On November 17th Bayside 2nd grade artists and Bayside 5th grade artists came together to look, talk, learn, and collaborate.

Ms Brooke has been working with these two classes for the past 6 weeks, and as artists they have created portfolios filled with mappings, explorations, self-discoveries, and pieces of work that are recordings of this moment in their lives.

The 5th graders first visited the 2nd graders classroom.

Partnerships were established, and the group talked about ways to begin a conversation while looking at the portfolios.

The room was layered with questions and observations and the sharing of ideas.

While looking and learning, students recognized that there are many different materials and approaches to consider when making a work of art. Through exploration, one realizes what feels right for them as an artist.

The 2nd graders then visited the 5th graders classroom, and had to opportunity to see their portfolios.

“Why did you make that?”

“How did you make that?”

“Tell me about this part of the picture.”

“I notice you used a lot of colors.”

Conversations were being generated, and students were communicating ideas.

Using the primary colors, the partnerships then embarked on making a work of art together.

The magic of color mixing was revealed.

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