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On May 12, McNear Elementary students in Petaluma “traveled the world” through our Youth in Arts “Passport” program. Three groups of students, from grades K-5, began their trip with performances by Julia Chigamba and Chinyakare, who introduced them to the traditional music and dance of Zimbabwe.

Julia Chigamba

Students then trekked out to the Passport area, where stations included African mask making with Mentor Artist Angela Baker, Italian Street Painting with Mentor Artist Genna Panzarella and indigenous Mexican Music and Dance with Mentor Artists Miguel Martinez and Ernesto Olmos.

Mexican Jaguar Dance

Youth in Arts staff also provided stations featuring Origami paper folding, Henna design and creation of a personal “flag” for each student.

At each area, students found a map showing where the art form originated and questions to answer and record on “Passports” they received at the beginning of their journey. McNear teachers and staff decided to pair older children with lower grade “buddies” in each group, so that third through fifth-graders could assist K-2 students with the activities.

Buddies working together

It was a sunny, lively and art-filled day! Thanks to McNear for joining Youth in Arts on this around-the-world expedition!

Travel the World with Youth in Arts

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