The Art Wave……

This past Wednesday night, May  25th, it was Open House at both Willow Creek Academy and MLK.

Art was everywhere.

Art was on the walls of classrooms, placed on students’ desks, hanging from clothespins, and displayed on all surfaces throughout both schools.

Ms. Brooke, Mr. KDub, and Ms. Ascha have been working closely with all of the classes and collaborating in different ways.

In the MLK art studio KDub has been collaborating with Ms. Rivera on a mask making project. Students have been learning about Africa, and they each chose a country to research.  They then created a mask using cardboard, plaster gauze, and acrylic paint that incorporated aspects of their chosen country and elements of their own lives.

One of the projects Ms. Brooke has been working on with Ms. Siskin, a 3rd grade teacher at Willow Creek, was about self-portraiture, math, and identity.  The students looked at Chuck Close and learned how to “scale up” a photograph using a grid and graphite pencils.

The parents and visitors had a wonderful time looking and learning from the young artists.

Ms. Ascha has been collaborating with Ms. Tracee, the middle school language arts teacher.

The 8th grade class has been reading Lord of the Flies, and they developed Just Because poems that were hung with black profile silhouettes.

Their work inspired both the 6th and 7th graders to develop their own Just Because poems.

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