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The students in the Lynwood School Program just celebrated their seventh year working with Maestro Madonnara and Mentor Artist Genna Panzarella. Genna takes the students down the path she follows to create her world-renowned masterpieces. Their school has been decorated for many years with the student’s own masterpieces following this method.

The Incredible Hulk and Friends, by Lynwood Afterschool's 4th and 5th Graders

Students begin by brainstorming about their own interests and wishes, and create a list of what they would like to include in their final 9′ x 9′ collaborative piece.

Genna assesses drawing skills by asking students to draw a self-portrait or “favorite thing” which they will save in their portfolios. She then selects images from the students own imaginations to teach specific drawing skills (such as Mickey Mouse for “attitude and expression”, or the globe to teach “shading”. The Hulk became a perfect model to teach anatomy: especially of his hands and fists.)

Student’s portfolios grow with each drawing exercise, all in anticipation of drawing together on the ground.

Genna works with the students to plan the big picture, combining all of the images, and setting them in a context that tells a story.

Working from print- outs of each separate image and of the larger 9X9′ collage, students learn the gridding technique by practicing recreating their individual contributions onto larger squares on the ground.

Students form into small groups according to their interests in the final design, and practice drawing together with chalk in anticipation of…

The final day! Snap lines and drawing the big picture!

Mickey, Minnie, Mario and More by Lynwood Afterschool's 2nd and 3rd Graders

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