Levitation, Human Film, and Human Clay

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Youth in Arts’ Mentor Artist Eliot Fintushel has been working with the second graders at San Ramon Elementary School for seven years! He introduces them to the fun, fascinating world of Mime.

Using the mime technique of “string causality,” Eliot taught the second graders at  how to fly. Eliot warned them not to wave to people in airplanes or to fly out over the Pacific–but they ignored his warnings and came back with incredible stories.

Learning how to fly in the upper jeebasphere

Second Graders Ascending via String Causality!

Students entering the film compartment of our magic camera

The children became “film” in a magic camera that can photograph ANYTHING, past, present, future, near or far, real or imagined.

Pressing the Sound Bar to make our human-film photo audible!

Our magic camera takes a photo of the Bolshoi Ballet thousands of miles away in Moscow.

Magic photo of life at the bottom of the Pacific.

Students also made sculptures of one another:

Incredibly, half of these second graders have turned to modeling clay, and the other half are molding them into statues worthy of Praxiteles.

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