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Drawing In Nature

The first grade students in Ms. Duran and Ms. Enstice’s class are learning about plants, habitats and ecosystems this year in science. Both classes are working through a project-based approach. Ms. Duran’s class is learning about the rainforest and Ms. Enstice’s class is learning about the forest and it’s ecosystem.
As a beginning to this project both classes are learning about the different part of plants. To support and deepen this learning in art Mentor Artist Marguerite Etemad is working with these artists to learn how to observe.
To help us strengthen our observation skills we took a silent sensory awareness walk. We walked around our school using all our senses and paying special attention to leaves. Noticing how many different types of leaves there are. Noticing all the different shapes and sizes. Looking closely at each side of the leaf and noticing how the two sides are different. We spent extra time in our school garden.
We learned how to do pure contour and contour drawing.

We did contour drawings of the different leaves.

The next time we met we revisited our drawings and talked about what kind of leaf we would be if we were a lea

Each artist chose what materials they wanted to use to decorate their leaf.

We made one side of our leaf look like a leaf.

One side told about ourself.

We talked for about the whole process and then I asked: What did you like best? What did you notice/learn? What was easy? What was hard?
“I liked going on the nature walk. Drawing a leaf without looking (pure contour) that was hard.” – Greta
“ I liked coloring the leaves.”  – Lily, Zebah, Collette and Diana
“I liked doing (drawing) the real leaves.” – Antonio
“I liked when we went out in nature and sat down and draw.” – Brianna

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