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Willow Creek Middle, Bay Side Elementary & MLK Middle School teachers enjoyed a unique arts Professional Development studio session. YIA Mentor Artists K-Dub and Marguerite Etemad demonstrated to classroom teachers how the use of different art media can enhance learning and creativity to produce thematic works of art. Teachers watched a short film showcasing legendary Jazz musician Miles Davis and his classic recording of one of the best albums of all time, “Kind of Blue”.
After the film, teachers were given the task of creating their own album cover using a limited color palette of art materials. Miles was the finest example of Cool, so in keeping with the theme, all crayons, chalks, pencils and markers were cool colors-blues, greens and purples. The mood was also cool with the smooth sounds of Miles playing in the Willow Creek art studio.
The works the teachers produced were amazing, as were the comments about their artworks, and their conversation on the many ways to incorporate the lesson into their individual subjects.
Peace, K-Dub & Marguerite Etemand, Art Teachers for Willow Creek Middle and Bay Side Elementary Schools, Sausalito.

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