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Every student at Laurel Dell Elementary School worked together to create an 8′ x 8′ painted mural on the theme “Our World” with Mentor Artist Angela Baker. The nine classes of K-5th grade students prepared for the mural painting by practicing color mixing and paintbrush techniques. Through discussion with both students and teachers, as well as sketching and painting exercises including family portraits, content for the mural was developed.
Below are quotes and photos of the students.
Sophia: “I’m going to be so satisfied when this is finished.”
Sindy: “The handprints on the land can represent the people who live there.”
Kimberly M. “I think we should put a graduation cap in the border because we’re graduating this year.”

  • Amara

    Hi there! I enjoy watching the kids making their own painting. Because the old saying goes, inside of the specialist’s thoughts there are few scenarios, however for an individual possessing a learner’s mind, the world is open up.

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