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What happens to all this trash?

The Willow Creek Academy 3rd graders, with Ms. Siskin and Youth In Arts Mentor Artist Marguerite Etemad, have been learning about the effects of plastic trash on the ocean’s ecosystem. We are learning what we can do in our own lives to help conserve our resources and keep pollution from happening.

In art we began by making masks of each other.

In art we are using our learning to create masks of ocean animals.

Puffer Fish


Each of the students has created a character. They are attaching plastic trash to their animal mask to show how deadly plastic trash is to sea life.

Plastic netting strangles turtles.

Fish ingest plastic trash and suffocate.

The students are in the process of creating a script. Each student has created a character and a role, victim or hero. Our villain is the plastic trash that is so deadly to sea life. They will perform their script for the entire school.

Beginning writing our script. Who am I and what is my role?

The students and teachers were inspired to begin this integrated learning project by the amazing art exhibit at the Marine Mammal Center.

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