Where Do I Play?

The Kindergarten Artists at Bayside Elementary and Willow Creek Academy  along with their teachers and Youth In Arts Mentor Artist Marguerite Etemad have been exploring their playgrounds. They have asked themselves: Where do I play? Who do I play with? and How do I play?

First we explored different ways to work with the paper, bending, folding, tearing, cutting and gluing.


We spent time observing and drawing our playgrounds.


We looked at pictures of many different playgrounds, talked about what we wanted in our playgrounds and then we made 3D collage's of our favorite playgrounds.


"I notice that some people have stairs, swings and slides." Ithaka

The children enjoyed making minature representations of themselves to put in their playgrounds.

Each artists playground and little self are unique and beautiful

After completing our playgrounds we did observational drawings of them.

Demonstrating observational drawing, learning to really look and see.


Observing closely and drawing slowly.

Next the artists went over their pencil lines with colored sharpies.


Then we painted in the shapes of our playgrounds, remembering to wash our brush in between colors.

Observational playground painting.

Next we decided to explore drawing and painting fantasy playgrounds.

We worked in crayon and watercolor, learning about resist.

We enjoy reflecting on our work together. "I notice the one with purple and blue it looks like it has a rock on top and a grey wall. " Kloe Ann

Fantasy Playground - Trinity "I notice that everyone's is beautiful because they have pretty colors" Adam

We looked at Georgia O'Keeffe's work and talked about capturing the feeling of our playground.

In reflection we told how we were feeling while we were working: "Excited" Zaiden, "Good" Carlie, Ellie and Madeline, "I felt like I was doing a good job" Noel


"That one looks like a floating house with a slide." What do you see that makes you say that? "Because it's up in there and it looks like it's going to outer space." Dontae

The Kindergarten artists and their teachers enjoyed exploring playgrounds.

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