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Melinda Stuart’s Special Day Class of students got off to a rocket start this year when Youth In Arts Mentor Artist Tom Mayock jazzed up their world with his collection of dances from the Jazz genre. Ah, the kids smiles were peculiarly rich, the feeling of being in the groove was apparent with Tom’s hit classic,”Be Cool No Matter What”, and Cotton Eyed Joe as a contemporary ho down elevated all our spirits.
When working with students that have developmentally delays, the dance arts are a perfect vehicle for developing visual and spatial skills, increasing gross motor skills, and promoting self esteem.  Forever inspiring is to visit these kids and have them meet you with a impeccably performed dance, graciously in tune to the learning environment Melinda Stuart has cultivated.
Tom has also joined San Jose Middle School, Special Day Class Teacher Cindy Evans in providing Vision Strength Accessibility dance classes, with the goals of bringing these children into young adulthood with a sense of responsibility, sincerity, autonomy and self esteem.
Thank you Melinda, Cindy , Jeff, Susan, and Sharon and all of the teachers and aides, for bringing such courage, compassion and creativity into our lives.

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