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Artwork from the Regeneration Show

Recently we hosted our first free gallery tour of “Regeneration – Teaching Recycled Art” with a group of students from Oak Hill School.  Six students from Oak Hill ages 13-19, all on the Autism Spectrum, enjoyed the sights, sounds and textures of our gallery and workshop.
We started in the gallery, observing the artwork that has been made by everyday “garbage” or items that would be trashed or recycled after use, such as material, plastic bags, old toys, sticks and paper scraps.  Then, Musician Nydia Gonzalez helped the youngsters explore the sounds that we could make re-using materials such as food containers and boxes by turning them into drums and guitars!  Finally, students worked with visual artist Suzanne Joyal and created 3-D sculptural art using scraps of foam core and matt board, connecting them, gluing them and covering them with vibrant colors.
The “Regeneration” show will be up until January 25th, so please stop by to check it out, or make an appointment for a free group tour for students. yia@youthinarts.org

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