Arts Integration, Week 2: Illustrating a Color Poem

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Students have been working hard on their COLOR poems in Language Arts Class. They used what they learned in our Exploring an Orange lesson to add more descriptive words to their poems. This week in art class, students chose the strongest line from their poem as the subject for their illustration on black paper.
We compared the word “composition”: how do we compose WORDS to make a strong poem? How do we compose a PICTURE to make a strong image? What is most important about our picture? Where should it be placed? How big will it be?
We sketched first, then we drew with glue.
After, students were asked to REFLECT: “What did you NOTICE about drawing with glue?”
“When you paint with glue, be careful: you can smudge.”
“I noticed that painting with glue is not easy at all, and painting with glue is fun and sticky!”
“Painting with glue is art. Glue is hard to control.”
“I notice it is harder than using paint. Also, you can get more texture using glue.”
Practicing Blind Contour Drawing with Fall Leaves: We again brainstormed descriptive words using SIGHT, SMELL, SOUND, and TOUCH ( we didn’t TASTE the leaves!)

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