Paper Playgrounds: Exploring Lines in 3D

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WRLogoForBLOGThrough the Walker Rezaian Creative HeARTS Fund, Mentor Artist Suzanne Joyal has been teaching friendship through visual art with all the kindergarteners at Loma Verde Elementary School.
Kindergarteners at Loma Verde took their line research to the third dimension as they used new folding skills to design their own personal playgrounds.
Local architect Janine Lovejoy Wilford joined us in the classrooms. Janine specializes in designing learning spaces for children: both classrooms and playgrounds. Janine introduced them to the ideas of collaboration and design.
Children practiced, folding, tearing, rolling, and gluing strips of paper to build their slides, steps, tunnels and swings to design their magical play spaces.
Where do we want to PLAY?
What would our FRIENDS like to do?

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