5th graders at Rancho explore the idea of place

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Mentor Artist Angela Baker writes about visual arts activities at Rancho school.
During a 7-week Visual Art residency, 5th graders at Rancho observed and discussed their favorite place with an emphasis on sensory perception. How does it look? Sound? Feel? Students looked at various artists who are inspired by place such as Anne Garney, Robert Minervini & Edward Hopper. Through the exploration of various art mediums–drawing, collage and painting–as well as through learning Visual Art techniques, such as one-point perspective and foreground/middle ground/background, students will create their own unique expression of place.
2014-09-05 10.22.38 2014-09-19 10.04.10  2014-09-19 10.21.03 Pop up book of Seattle2014-10-24 09.51.482014-10-24 09.49.26 (2)detail of painting techniques

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