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SBastosFlipOn December 15 Mentor Artist Stephanie Bastos lead six classrooms of energetic K-3rd graders in a holiday Dance Performance at Harding Elementary School. Students showcased their understanding of choreography and improvisation. They showed parts of the Brain Dance emphasizing high, low, mid and cross body movements to stimulate brain activity.
As a culminating event to eight sessions of dance, Stephanie led the entire body of dancers (students and their families) in a big Samba Dance A Long. Check out the video below.
A Question and Answer session followed. One parent asked the students, “How do you feel when you improvise?” Six year old Blake answered, “I go with the flow and have fun.”  Another parent asked, “Does anyone want to be a dancer when they grow up?” Some hands went up when Mentor Artist Stephanie stated, “You are ALL already dancers. Look what you just accomplished.” to a round of applause from the audience.
Check out the community dance here:  https://youtu.be/IQLxwSL56ss

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