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Welcome back to school one and all, and happy National Arts in Education Week!
As we look forward to another successful academic year, we are reminded of all the wonderful, multicultural artists Youth in Arts celebrates.  September 15 through October 15 marks National Hispanic Heritage month, and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the incredible Latin American performance artists on our assembly roster.
Pedro Rosales - Proyecto LandoPedro Rosales’ Proyecto Lando assembly is an interactive performance that presents the traditional dance and instrumentation of the Afro-Peruvian culture of the Peruvian coastal region.  They teach the basic rhythms so that students can join in dancing and playing.  The performers combine Afro-Peruvian music with elements classical, folkloric, salsa and jazz to create a vibrant sound that encourages students to get up and DANCE!
Miguel Martinez's InstrumentsMiguel Martinez’s Corazón Sur ensemble plays classic Latin Jazz songs as well as traditional genres of Mexican and Latin American music. The flute and percussions of Corazón Sur create a colorful ambiance, evoking scents and breezes of the Caribbean, the melodies of the indigenous tribes and the heartbeat of the African drums. Students have the opportunity to travel through Latin America, exploring rhythms ranging from Son Jarocho of Veracruz to the traditional Vallenato of Columbia, learning about the geography, language and instrumentation of various regional genres.
Daniel Capoeira with KidsThere are a multitude of companies that perform the traditional Afro-Brazilian art form of Capoeira.  Youth in Arts is lucky enough to work with two such talented performance artists.  Both Daniel Mattar and Sabiá Pinheiro’s Capoeira Angola assemblies appeal to many senses with the beautiful and acrobatic movements, singing, and music, using traditional Brazilian instruments such as the Berimbau (made of a gourd and one string) and Pandeiros (tambourines). Performers demonstrate a traditional Capoeira circle called a roda and dance and sing along to the beats of the Berimbau. Students will learn about the Afro-Brazilian culture and the history of how Afro-Brazilian slaves achieved freedom through the art of Capoeira, as well as basic Capoeira rhythms and steps. The songs are call and response and students are encouraged to sing along.Sabiá Capoeira with Kids
Book your assembly today!  You can fill out our online form here or contact our Programs Manager directly at morgan@youthinarts.org / (415) 457-4878 ext. 160.  We look forward to bringing our fantastic performers to your school this year!
YIA Kids Drumming

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