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The Sewam Dance of the Plains Indians assemblies at Edna Maguire Elementary School were a great success.  Eddie Madril performed several different Plains Indians dances for the preK through 5th grade student audiences.  His incredibly engaging dances culled with chanting and singing, had students, teachers and parents enraptured.em-edna-m3

Eddie Maguire Assembly 2 (photo credit Sara Sandström)

Eddie Maguire Assembly 2 (photo credit Sara Sandström)

In addition to his solo performances, he also invited students to perform two different dances with him.  For the first group dance, each teacher chose one student to participate onstage with Eddie.  The big surprise came when those teachers were asked to join in as well.  All fifteen got up, linked hands, and enthusiastically danced with Eddie and their students.  The long line of participants weaved in and out of the crowd, much to audience’s delight.

Eddie Maguire Assembly 3 (photo credit Sara Sandström)

The hoop dance was a particular highlight.  Students experienced firsthand how challenging it is to work with the hoops when Eddie asked them to pick the hoops up with their feet.  After they sat down, Eddie put on a breathtaking performance of the very complicated dance.  Using eight hoops, Eddie transformed himself into a bird.  The audible audience reactions clearly showed how awestruck the students were.

Eddie Maguire Assembly 1 (photo credit Sara Sandström)

Eddie’s handmade regalia is artwork unto itself.  The colorful feathers, embroidery and beadwork bring even more life to his dances.  During the assemblies, Eddie explained the significance of what he wore in relation to the cultural history and traditions of various Native American tribes.  He taught the students the meaning behind each dance and song performed as well.
Cara Guyot, the PTA volunteer who organized the assembly for Edna Maguire’s students praised, “We loved the assembly! In my three years of doing assemblies, this is the first time that I have received thank you emails from parents who heard such rave reviews from their children. Eddie really connected with the kids!”
Thank you, Eddie!em-edna-m4em-edna-m2

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