San Ramon 2nd Graders Wreak Havoc in der Luft!!

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Good Show Promo Photo
(By Teaching Artist Eliot Fintushel: his 12th year teaching improvisation in San Ramon’s Second Grade!)
In our sessions together, the 2nd Graders at San Ramon School have finally learned to be careful not to crush underfoot all those tiny 1st Graders we find scattered around the Music Room floor like ants at a picnic. We carefully, gently pick them up between our thumb and forefinger and put them outside the door to return to their own classrooms. I mean, sheesh! The things a 2nd Grader has to put up with! Then we practice flying and throwing sound balls and wearing the most exotic masks. (See above.) And, although everybody promises only to fly over Marin County and not to wave to people in airplanes, truth to tell, NOBODY complies, and all havoc breaks loose in the Upper Shnookosphere!!!!!

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