Musical Moments at Lynwood School!

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 Joni DeGabriele reports on the Musical Moments program she led at Lynwood Elementary
JoniDI had the privilege of working with the special day class at Lynwood school,  TK through Second Grade, for sixteen workshops. We sang, we danced, and we learned ways to be kind to each other and communicate our feelings. We gave ourselves positive self-talk with the songs,  “Never Give UP” and  “Try, Try Again!”.  The children met Spunky the Monkey who helped them learn how to take calming breaths when they are feeling Mad, Scared, Excited, Silly and ever Happy!  They met the Kimochis, Eldon the Eagle and Zwinkle!  The children worked on matching pitch, playing a steady beat, and moving to a steady beat.  I learned so much from my students and staff at Lynwood and hope to return next year!

Thank you to the Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation for supporting this program.


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