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Mentor Artist Sofie Siegmann reports on her mask-making residency at College of Marin
We started with a simple paper mask and added materials each week. First we painted the masks, using sponges and acrylic paint. Next came multi-colored cardboard papers which students cut into shapes and glued onto the mask. Stamps, white and black paint, gold and red glitter added yet another layer and finally we added buttons, pom-poms, wire, and feathers. I am always surprised (and that’s why I like to make art with students) at how every mask turns out so wonderfully different. I got to know the students a little bit and can see how their individuality and personality was expressed in their masks. We displayed the masks on a yellow bulletin board for everybody to see and enjoy, and included each artist’s name. Finally, every artist posed with their mask, so I could take a photo. Thank you for your beautiful smiles!
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Youth in Arts is grateful to Marin Charitable for helping to support this project.

Thank you to the Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation for supporting this program.

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