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IMG_8117by Architect Shirl Buss
We are continuing to investigate the Resilient by Design Challenge project question: What will keep my family, friends, community and me—safe, strong, and prepared for floods, earthquakes, sea level rise, and other environmental challenges?

With the focus on the transect from the SF Bay to Laurel Dell school—through the canals and flatlands predicted to flood in the coming years—the students each took a site, and a theme (“Designs to Respond to Sea Level Rise” or “Building a Strong Community”).  The bar charts show the students’ preferences for different elements.
In our studio, the students created study models to scale, anticipating where their proposal will be situated along the San Rafael flatlands and canals. Next week we will critique the study models, and work together to knit all of the proposals into a cohesive urban design scheme.  A big challenge.

Architect Ann West will be rejoining us, and adding her brilliance to the mix.
Thank you for your support, California Arts Council!

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