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Magnolia Park is a small early intervention school site nestled by open space in Lucas Valley. Most of the young students were born without the sense of hearing and are now learning sounds and language with hearing implants. This is our first year working at Magnolia Park, and Mentor Artist Julia James introduced the young artists to a world of color and shapes and textures.
Over the course of ten weeks students used a variety of art tools, materials and surfaces. Highlights were working and collaborating on a large canvas for the Kennedy center. The canvas was created over four weeks using paints, stamped textures, printing with ink on rollers, bubble wrap, sponges and a variety of brushes. The beautiful canvas will become a part of the Kennedy Center’s International Art Exhibit.
Students celebrated the residency with work displayed in the classroom along with an according book which illustrated their person art journey.
Thank you to following funders for helping to make this program happen:
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  • Stephanie Gitti

    Julia was a delight to have in our classroom. Her calm, gentle manner and beautiful British accent won over the students and the staff. The art work was simple yet profound. Thank you for sharing this artistic treasure with our program.

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