Extending the Arms of Art out into the Community: Part II.

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Next Friday, December 10th, the K and 1st grade classes at Bayside school are heading out on an excursion.

They will ride on the Sausalito Ferry out to Alcatraz and back. While they are on the ferry, they will join many other school children to decorate the interior space with art work.

Presently, Mr. Scullion’s 1st grade class is in the midst of an art cycle with Ms. Brooke.

The classroom is filling up with the presence of their artmaking.

For the ferry project, Mr. Scullion’s 1st grade class worked with Ms. Ascha to create printed holiday tags.

Before Ms. Ascha came into the class, Mr. Scullion and his students created a list of words that reflect this time of year. Some examples are:

joy, peace, family, sharing, light, love, winter, happiness

The students then were introduced to the idea of making a “print” with Ms. Ascha.

Using stamps created out of foam, the artists thought about creating multiple images on the precut tags.

The tags symbolized a dreidel, a dove, a tree, a star, and an ornament (circle).

Most of the 1st graders stood as they printed using gold and while ink.

There is a physicality about the printmaking process that makes it exciting.

When the artists were finished printing, we talked about how exciting it will be to see their work displayed on the ferry along with other young artists creations.

Beautiful work!

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