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Carmen Rivera focusing on the surface of her piece.

There was a steady “hum” emanating from the MLK art studio this past Wednesday afternoon.

Students had all gone home, and all of the SMCSD Middle School teachers had gathered for their monthly Visual Arts Profressional Development session.

“Art is therapy for the mind.” Said one teacher.

“I immediately felt like an artist when I put this apron on and got to work.” Said another teacher.

Mr. KDub has been working on an identity project with his students, asking them to wonder “Who Am I?”  The project began with tracing the different artists’ forms on wood panels.

“How does how you carry yourself show the world who you are?”

The artists are then filling their sillhouettes with elements that define who they are. The forms will then be cut out from the wood panels, and installed against the fence on the periphery of the MLK garden.


So the teachers were asked to experience the same process.

Student work fills the light-filled studio. An inspiration to all visitors.
Student work fills the light-filled studio. An inspiration to all visitors
Natasha Griffin is shown here tracing Mr. KDub in an action pose.

Matt working towards completion of his project.

Natasha takes her time making choices about color.
Making artwork takes time and focused energy.

Stepping back and looking at finished work.

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  • Jenny Schmidt

    Those are vibrant and fantastic! Where will they go? I want to see them!

    • K-Dub

      Peace & Thanks! – My MLK students are doing this project on wood panels that will be installed in their new garden. This teacher PD was about giving the teachers an opportunity to create & share in the experience. One of the teachers is actually painting on wood panel. Thanks again for your comments & stay tuned to see the paintings created by the students.
      K-Dub – Youth In Arts Teacher MLK Middle School

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