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Partners share their drawings and ideas. They ask each other questions. They build friendships and learn to be leaders.

How can the arts promote learning?
How can we learn from each other?

Today the First and Fifth graders at Bayside Elementary came together to SHARE and LEARN about each other’s artwork and to work together on their own creation. Both grades have been working with Mentor Artist,  Brooke Toczylowski, for the past 6 weeks.

Students brainstormed questions to ask each other:

Where did you get your idea?
How did you make this?
What materials did you use?
Can you tell me about what you’ve made?

The classroom was transformed into an art studio, with fifth grade art hanging on temporary walls.

After sharing, the students were posed with the question, WHAT is ART?

They were also asked to create a collaborative drawing, where one person starts with a line, the next transforms it into a shape, and then they take turns making a drawing together.

Some of the responses from the question posed:
“Art is expressing your feelings.”
“Art is using your imagination.”
“Art is a place where you can describe yourself.”

Students draw together, uniting their creative energies.


What is it like to make artwork together?

“It’s fun to draw together because you don’t know what your partner is going to draw next.”

“It’s like group work, like a team, everyone has different decisions and when you put it down on paper it comes out creative.”

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