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As we have for many years, Youth in Arts obtained funding to provide Visual and Performing arts residencies in 30 Special Day Classrooms. YIA Mentor Artists worked diligently to provide high quality, adapted arts lessons to hundreds of students with differed abilities, and to share their work with their family and main-stream piers.
For example, YIA Mentor Artist Hannah Dworkin celebrated the culmination of her 10 week music & movement residency with Rockne Beeman’s class of special needs elementary students with students from a general education class at their school. Some students from Mr. Beeman’s class were able to take leadership roles, helping their piers through the movements.  This was not only helpful, but those students were delighted and empowered by their ability to lead.
The feedback from teachers is overwhealmingly positive, and YIA Mentor Artists received the highest marks for their expertise in adaptive lessons, allowing each student to partipate to the best of their ability and to feel successful.

“Suzanne engaged my students and brough in art activities that were right at their level and really interesting for each of complicated little guys.  They all enjoyed their time with her.  A big huge thank you to YIA for enhancing our curriculum and the lives of these vulnerable kids.”
SDC Teacher, Marindale School
We look forward to serving these students and teachers again next year.  Please click on the yellow donate button to help support and save programs like these!

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