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Many beautiful pieces of art work have been created by the children from Our Lady of Loretta in Novato with the help of Mentor Artist Tajali Littman. Students were able to travel the world with art as they experimented with a variety of techniques and explored the art of Africa,  Australia, China, India, Italy and Mexico.
Second Graders made Huichol Indian -inspired mixed media rice paintings. Third Graders created Australian Aboriginal -inspired bark paintings, using local eucalyptus bark. Fourth Graders created illuminated animal mandala’s and animal spirit rattles while fifth-graders explored Chinese calligraphy  and Sumi-e painting. Sixth graders created India inspired Rangoli mandala’s as sidewalk art throughout the schoolgrounds. Seventh Graders made African Masks, and eighth graders learned Calligraphy art, Print making, Book making and Foil Embossing.
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