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The Talented Lilan Kane

`Til Dawn Alum Lilan Kane’s has been passing on the musical traditions in both her  Own the Mic program and in a Palo Alto based summer camp for budding musicians.
Check out the video from this past summer. I Feel Good
This was featured at Palo Alto Summer Rock Camp 2011.  Lilan has been teaching there the past three summers and this summer served as Assistant Director.  There were about 30 kids each week through the month of July.  The camp runs weekly and culminates with a concert on Friday night.  They work in  ensembles and prepare 3-4 songs to perform on Friday.  Lilan taught all the parts (horns, guitar, keys, drums, vocals).  They also hold rhythm class, ear training, theory, as well as instrument classes where students can focus on their specific instrument outside of their band.
As Lilan says, “It’s really an awesome experience and has become extremely popular with kids returning every summer, some for 5 or 6 years now. ”

  • Austin Willacy

    Lilan is a gifted singer, a great teacher and a wonderful person. I’m so happy to see the ways in which she embraces music in her own life and shares it with others. Go Lilan!

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