Moving into the Third Dimension: Marindalers Begin Building

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Our next project begins to explore the concept of FORM: how do we create art that comes off the page? Beginning in black and white, Marindalers learned about GLUE this week. How do we make things stick to our picture? How does glue feel compared to paint on our hands? (The answer was STICKY!)
Children are learning to make choices: Do I want a Big triangle or Small? Black or White?
In four weeks, children have learned some important rules for artists:

  1. Use one material at a time (so that your neighbor can have a turn),
  2. SHARE with your neighbor,
  3. Keep your hands on your own work, and
  4. TRY not to taste the art supplies!

Children are learning to follow a series of steps to make their art:

  1. Choose a shape,
  2. Wiggle it in the glue,
  3. Place it on the base, and
  4. Pick a new shape.

We are seeing individual artistic expression in their pieces: some are limiting their pallet to one color, some have glued their pieces in a row (making a pattern), some have chosen to draw the same shape on every piece, and some have chosen to smoosh each piece with a painty hand!
“I learned that LETTERS are very attractive to many children! I had cut up foam core signs from an art exhibit, and not only were most students able to grasp the shapes, many made choices based on the letters they found on the shapes.”–Suzanne Joyal, Mentor Artist
It turns out that for many children, no art project is complete until the paint has been applied: to hands as well as artwork.

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