Preschoolers Experimenting with Paint: What is Slippery?

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Marindale students have been experimenting with SLIPPERY: how does it feel to draw and paint on a slippery surface? How does your crayon move? Your paintbrush? Your hands? What does it sound like when you tap on the foil? On the plastic? How is it different from drawing on paper?
Mentor artist Suzanne Joyal designed several projects to explore this topic. Students were able to experiment with a variety of media on foil, green cellophane, and clear plastic, mounted on foam core scraps. Crayola Window Crayons, Twistables, and Dry Erase Markers allow students with all levels of fine motor development to see success with making marks on the boards.
Our next project was inspired by Amstel when she chose to use our erasers (meant to be pushed through the paint thereby making a new kind of mark) as a building material. She stacked them all into a tower (which unfortunately fell down).

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