Four Classes, Five Teachers and a Huge Range of Abilities

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This was my fifth year teaching Music and Movement in Youth in Arts’ VSA program, and I was lucky enough to be assigned to four classes this year, Linda Breakstone/Stacey Hall, Rockne Beeman, Corrie Johnson and Jessica Leaper.  We had a wonderful time singing, dancing and playing.

Linda Breakstone and Stacey Hall’s upper elementary special day classes were combined for a wonderfully large group every week.  They accomplished a great deal over the course of ten weeks.  Some students were even learned to read basic rhythmic phrases.  One of their favorite activities singing under the play parachute.
Rockne Beeman’s class of upper elementary students were also a joy to teach.  We focused on a variety of repeated dance movements across the floor as well as singing with specific dances. Their favorite song was “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt,” where we would practice phonemes that are difficult for the students while we marched around and dance.
Corrie Johnson’s students were the most high functioning of my groups this year and they were able to perform quite complicated musical phrases.  Their favorite activity was choreographing their own dances and recalling the sequences they came up with.
Jessica Leaper’s class was my youngest group.  The absolutely loved singing train songs and their favorite activity was dancing to Greg and Steve’s “Choo Choo”.
All in all it was a fantastic year, and each of these classes and their teachers made it an exciting experience.

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