Four Wild Weeks of Marinwood Summer Camp

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The first four weeks of break-out sessions with Marinwood Summer Camp have been tons of fun! Here are some of the projects we have enjoyed so far:

6/14 – “Art Olympics,” evoking the spirit of the first Olympic Games! We played three fun art games, the blind-collaborative “Mixed-up Creatures,” “Graffiti Race” in which our young artists designed their own personal symbol and raced to be the most prolific artist on a group banner, and “15 Straws” in which our artists raced the clock to build a sculpture with limited time and materials. Our artists practiced thinking fast, using their artistic instincts. letting go, and having fun!

6/21 – In “Hieroglyphs” we looked at the writing of the ancient Egyptians and then each artist painted a scroll with their name in hieroglyphs. Our artists took this further and developed their own personal pictograph symbols, and carved these onto clay pendants.

7/12 – In “Sculpt like Michelangelo” our artists mixed and poured plaster to carve. They also sculpted clay, practicing the techniques of pinch pots and coil building.

7/19 – In “Really Old-Timey Photography” we played with camera-less photography, making cyanotypes that depend on the sun for exposure, and only water to develop. What a fascinating, joyful exploration this session was!

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