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Gabrielle Gamboa finished out a summer of wonderful art-making at Marinwood Camp with four new activities. If you’d like to bring Gabrielle to your classroom this year to teach these and other visual arts activities, contact Suzanne, Director of Artists in Schools!

7/19- “Pop Art Printmaking” experimental printmaking techniques exploring color, texture, and pattern. Each camper tried their had and making simple mono prints and vegetable prints, layering prints on top of other prints, texture rubbings, and earlier drawings. This lab was all about discovery.
8/5 – “Bookmaking” accordion-folded books with unique covers made from recycled materials, such as cereal cartons, egg crates, and paper plates. The book covers were lavishly adorned, some of which included illuminated lettering.
8/9 – “Imaginary Monsters” tapping into imagination and chance through random elements cards and dice throws to create and refine unique characters. The campers really impressed me with their creativity here!
8/16- “Time Machines,” in which campers responded in writing and drawing to the questions “If you  had a time machine that would allow you to travel anywhere in time or space, where would you go? What would this machine look like?” Campers then built their time machine sculptures using found recycled objects. Thanks to our camp counselors who manned the hot glue guns, construction was a fun and creative process for all.


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