Laurel Dell First Graders Create Imaginary Monsters

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At Laurel Dell Suzanne Joyal continues with our Visual Arts program reaching the entire school.  Our first graders use their imagination and artistry to create imaginary monsters and practice color mixing.
Creations were so unique, as students answered the same questions: How will it move? Does it need arms, legs, wings? How many? How will it see? How many eyes will it have? (More was pretty common!) Where does it live? What does it eat? Who are its friends?
What colors will you use? How will you make orange, purple, green? Can you make brown also?
We began the lesson by looking at the sky: what happens where the sky meets the land? Filling the white space between them was a big success.
Thank you to the California Arts Council for supporting this work. CAClogo_stackedRGB

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